Warranty Policy

1. Products are warranted
- All products are manufactured and supplied by Tsubame E - Time Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Warranty period
- Customers carefully read the instructions (in the warranty book) and comply with the regulations on warranty repair, exchange with Tsubame E - Time electric motorbike products.
- In case of loss of warranty book, please contact your dealer or TSUBAME service center for assistance.- In order to ensure the benefits of customers, we recommend customers: Check the quality of products carefully, both in the outside as well as the normal operation of components on the E-bike at the store. (or when entering the E-bike).
- Customers have the right to ask salesman to give specific instructions on methods of use and maintenance, proper storage, providing warranty books and manuals for using products before they are received and operated. car. Below is detailed information about the warranty: 



Warranty period









1 year


Damages caused by users arbitrarily disassembled, arbitrarily repaired will not be warranted.

Note: The motor shaft is not covered by the warranty.




2 years


In case of deformed chassis due to impact will not be warranted.




Power charger 



      1 year


Warranty will not apply in case of improper use of the charger (wrong power, not charging the right type, ...). Damages caused by arbitrarily disassembling, falling, breaking wires, getting into water.




1 year



1-year warranty, renewal in first 6 months.

Note: No warranty for blistering batteries. In case of warranty, the company has the right to replace with another battery of equivalent quality.





IC – Controler



1 year


Hư hỏng do tự ý tháo rời, bị vào nước, do sử dụng không đúng quy cách sẽ không được bảo hành.    

Damages caused by arbitrarily disassembling, getting into water, due to improper use will not be warranted.   







   6 months


Incase the scooter is distorted, broken, not intact but the cause from the user will not be warranted.





Headlight cluster




3 months


In case the headlight cluster is distorted, broken or not intact that the cause is from the user will not be warranted.




Lock set, Anti-theft devices



3 months


All electric locks must come in sync with the key for warranty.












1 year


Trường hợp bị nứt, gãy tự nhiên, các khiếm khuyết khi gia công có thể gây mất an toàn sẽ được bảo hành.

Lỗi do người sử dụng không được bảo hành: đâm đổ, va quyệt xe gây cong vênh, sứt, mẻ…

In case of natural fracture, defects when processing can cause unsafe will be warranted.

User error is not warranted: crashing, and the vehicle collision causes warping, chipping, chipping ...







6 months


Customer's fault is not covered by warranty


Shock absorber 

6 months


Customer's fault is not covered by warranty


Lower pressure set 

6 months


Parts that get into water will not be covered by the warranty

 * Note: Warranty period is calculated from the date the customer purchases the product

3. Scope of Warranty
- Warranty book is valid throughout the territory of Vietnam at stores authorized by Tsubame. If you bring abroad, your benefits are not guaranteed.

Cases not covered by warranty, maintenance, renewal and notes for TSUBAME customers and agents

- There is no warranty book in accordance with regulations; number of chassis, number of engines, parts codes ...are invalid (erased, components with signs of dismantling, customers repaired by themselves)

- Damage caused by excessive load or high speed under poor road conditions,

- Damage caused by traffic accidents, due to operation in extreme weather conditions. Especially because of flooding, storms or tides ... cause.

4. Some notes in the Warranty 

- In order for the Warranty to be valid, the warranty book must be filled out properly and sufficiently.

 - In order to use the warranty service of the company, must bring a warranty book together with the E-Bike.


5. Answer questions of customers about technical services

Customers and agents have questions about technical support, warranty policy, please contact the hotline: 0436.332.089, or 0941900582.

Best regards!

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